Factors you should look at when setting up an outdoor event

Planning for an outdoor event.

It is all about planning an event to make it run smoothly.

Your first choice for running any outdoor event is selecting the venue. When selecting this you need to look neurontin info online at many things such as, is it large enough, access and parking for the event. Is it far enough away from residential areas.

Event security – this should be handled by a specialist company and you should also inform the police and advise them of expected numbers visiting the event

Medical cover – This should also be handled by a company that has experience in such events, and they should be able to help you with the numbers required and fully qualified staff. You should also have a designated first aid station or tent, which all event staff and police should be fully aware of its location.

You also need to ensure you have the event well sign posted to ensure smooth flow of visitors and barriers in place to guide visitors to show and keep them from any danger areas.

Catering is another area which should be well organised, and make sure you have enough waste bins and collections throughout the event.

Toilet facilities should also be in place to ensure a safe and hygienic event.

Power for the event should also be well managed to ensure you have enough capacity and if generators are used the are placed well away from the public and sound pollution is kept to a minimum.

Finally, you should ensure you have all the correct permits and permissions from your local authorities in place and permission from the land owner. You should also checkout ISO 20121 which covers Sustainable events

This is just a brief overview of what it takes to organise and run an event, but does not include ticket sales or event promotion.