When organising a festival is it important to consider the safety implications and to set up safeguards to ensure your attendants are out of harm’s way. It is vital that attendants are provided with plenty of water to keep their fluid up, and that rules regarding substance abuse are upheld. By their very nature festivals are attended by a high volume of people and a high customer to staff ratio. This raises the importance of having the eagle-eyed and fully trained medics and services that we can provide.

All our staff are highly trained and experienced medical professionals who are determined to provide the best medical support services for our clients and their customers. High quality patient care is a key priority with an emphasis on providing a quick response to ensure that everyone attending an event is provided an excellent level of safeguarding and care while also helping facilitate a smooth and fully compliant event for our customers.

All our staff follow a highly rigorous training regime that is supported by extensive quality assessment and assurance systems to ensure they are proficient and effective at any sized event or festival. Our extensive experience and expertise provides our clients with the confidence that their safety and medical needs are being met at a standard far higher than simple compliance with health and safety legislation. We pride ourselves on providing a superior standard of medical event services provision.

Our staff are all highly professional and never compromise on providing the highest standard of cover providing:

  • First aid for any scale and type of event from music festivals to large arenas.
  • Extra training in fire safety, drug and alcohol awareness.
  • Conflict management to de-escalate issues and manage high risk events.
  • For more information on our event medical services enquire today by calling 0117 290 1290 or email us at info@mace-events.org.