Looking for medical cover for an off road event, here we have a wealth of experience to respond to your emergency needs. We are the go-to medical provider to give peace of mind at a wide variety of events.

There are some terrains that conventional ambulances cannot access like hard-to-get-to festivals and sporting event locations, but our two fully-equipped units can get there without a problem. This means our dedicated and experienced personnel can reach patients easily and quickly to provide prompt, efficient and professional treatment. In the event of an emergency illness or accident, our high quality service is ready and able to provide vital assistance no matter what the weather or road conditions.

Motorsports experts and enthusiasts will be aware that these events come in a wide range of different shapes and sizes, with many different motor vehicles involved. It is absolutely essential that qualified experts be on hand to solve any problems that may arise.

Our rapid response vehicles are versatile and can move easily through different sized crowds no matter how big or small the event if an emergency occurs making us a first choice for the event industry.

We currently have quad bikes available for all types of events:

Our quad bike class 1 vehicle, fitted with complete medical kit and full-size stretcher, is best for events such as festivals, where patient recovery in a crowded environment can be tricky.

Our quad bike class 2 specialist search and rescue unit is also perfect for many different events. It is fitted with a full medical kit to provide help where needed and has helicopter winch facilities to lift a patient from a dangerous scene without any difficulty.

Our vehicles are at your disposal. Whether you need one, or more, we offer unrivalled medical assistance and response times. Our highly skilled staff provide vital medical cover at events around the country and our fully equipped vehicles offer fast and efficient assistance making sure all eventualities are catered for. Whether it’s a corporate or public event, we work to the highest standards to make sure you are covered and to give you reassurance that you are making your visitors' welfare a top priority.

For more information on our event medical services enquire today by calling 0117 290 1290 or email us at info@mace-events.org.